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~ A Very Naughty Xmas



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This spicy holiday anthology features five separate stories

from some of the biggest names in erotic romance. Please enjoy, but sensitive readers beware, some of the content is so HOT,

you might get singed.

An Indecent Proposition
by Stephanie Julian
Two men. One Woman. Half a million dollars.

One very indecent proposition.

Share Me
by Olivia Cunning, NYT & USA Today Best-Selling Author
Lindsey longs for an amazing Christmas Eve with her favorite band,

Sole Regret, and spends one snowy night with two generous rock stars

who love to share their gifts.

Jingle Ball
by Cari Quinn, USA Today Best-Selling Author
This Christmas, rocking the office holiday party

has taken on a whole new meaning...

Light Me Up
by Cherrie Lynn, NYT & USA Today Best-Selling Author
She’s dreaming of a little sparkle in her stocking this year.

He’s planning a night that’s anything but silent…

Christmas is Coming
by Raven Morris
The best gifts are all tied up with a bow…








Chapter One

 “Do you honestly think she’s going to show up? What woman in her right mind would?”

“She’ll show. The money will get her here but it’ll be up to you to get her to stay.”

“Sure. Thanks for laying that all on me.”

“Hey, you know what happens when women see me. They freak.”

Keegan Malone set his Seven & Seven aside and rubbed a hand over his aching forehead.

Why the hell did he allow Erik to get him involved in these damn schemes?

The fact that they’d been best friends since boarding school probably had something to do with it.

Erik Riley, second son of the blueblood billionaire Boston Rileys, had always been the one goading Keegan to bigger and better, whether it was pranks or grades or sports. They’d been each other’s perfect foil. Erik had pushed Keegan and Keegan had reined in Erik. Together they’d become unstoppable.

The world had been theirs to conquer until Erik had been seriously fucked up in that fire three years ago.

After five reconstructive surgeries, Erik had had enough. Why go through the agony if he’d never look the same? He hadn’t gotten over that yet. Maybe he never would. But this…

“Don’t you think you’re taking this too far? I know you’ve been infatuated with the girl since the party but why not just introduce yourself in some normal way? You know, call her and ask her to dinner. Or ‘accidentally’ bump into her on the street and introduce yourself. Oh, wait.” He let sarcasm bleed into his words. “You never go out so that won’t work, will it?”

Erik gave him the finger, using his uninjured left hand. He could do it perfectly well with his right but that hand was scarred from elbow to fingertips.

“This will work out best for all of us. She needs the money for her mom—”

“And you have the hots for her so you’ll use the money to get her here and you’ll use me to…”

“Fuck her so I can watch. Yeah, I will.”

Sighing, Keegan shook his head.

He and Erik had shared women for years, since one drunken night at Princeton had ended with them waking up in the same bed with a blissfully sated co-ed between them.

Afterward, the girl had sung their praises to her friends and a campus legend had been born. They’d never been without willing bed partners.

They didn’t only work well together in bed. TinMan Biometrics was proof of that. After eight years, they’d taken the company from startup to global player. They had played their roles well and grown the company until they’d believed there was nothing they couldn’t handle.

Then Erik had nearly died in the explosion and the world had shifted under their feet.

That it should’ve been Keegan in the lab at the time of the explosion and subsequent fire probably had a lot to do with the fact that he couldn’t refuse Erik anything.

Including this incredibly ridiculous scheme.

When Erik had suggested it, Keegan had laughed in his face. Until he’d realized Erik hadn’t been kidding.

And you didn’t try very hard to talk him out of it, did you?

No, he hadn’t. Because when he’d seen Julianne Carter at the cocktail party their company had held for potential clients a month ago, he’d wanted her. Desperately.

And because of the earpiece he wore to keep in contact with Erik during these events—which Keegan loathed but Erik refused to attend personally—he’d known Erik had noticed her too.

It’d been the first time in a long time that they’d agreed on a woman. And the first time Erik had shown any interest in a woman since the fire.

Keegan hadn’t gotten a chance to talk to her that night but, by the next day, Erik had her entire history.

And this crazy-ass scheme.

Keegan had never thought she’d agree. Had expected her to refuse the offer flat out.

If she had, Keegan would’ve arranged a meeting. Or manipulated one.

Before the accident, Erik had been the master of the straight-forward approach and Keegan the one who worked behind the scenes. After, their roles had reversed. Neither of them was comfortable in their new world order.

But this—

The distant but distinct sound of a car pulling to a stop in front of the house snapped both of them to attention.

Erik grinned at him, the first time Keegan had seen him smile in days.

Holy shit.

She was here.


Julianne had been told to expect creepy, but this was beyond strange.

If she didn’t have such utter faith in her friend, Carol, she would’ve turned around and headed home after getting a look at the house.

Hell, if you were smart you wouldn’t be here at all.

Sighing, she shook her head. There was one huge reason she was here.

No. Actually, there were five-hundred-thousand good reasons.

And she needed every last one of them.

Steeling her backbone, she turned off the car, listening to it wheeze and moan. It needed new brakes to pass inspection. Hell, it needed a lot more than that but she didn’t have the money for the brakes much less a complete overhaul.

But she would…if she went through with this very indecent proposition.

She’d have the money for a car and be able to pay off her mom’s medical bills and have money left over to start her own business.

But first she had to get out of the car.

AN INDECENT PROPOSITION, PART II, will be out mid-March.